amcas course entry

  1. YoungDaggy

    AP Course - Repeated

    I took AP chemistry in high school and got credit for it in college. However, I took CHEM 101 (its equivalent) in college anyways because I was told med schools don't really like AP credits. My transcript shows that the transfer credit was excluded and that the taken class is a repeat (and...
  2. S

    Over 64 college credits in HS, where do I put it in AMCAS?

    I attended a special program in high school where I spent my last two years of HS attending a college full time, and then graduated from HS normally with 64 credit hours from that university, along with some AP credits from freshman/sophomore year of HS. I already asked the AAMC how to put this...
  3. 010011

    How to classify cultural credit course?

    I took a class on Ancient Egypt that counted towards my cultural credit requirement. My university classifies it as classical civilization, but I'm not sure what to put under AMCAS. The course itself included history and fine arts. It might even be social sciences?
  4. C

    AMCAS Courses: Include Department?

    My transcript has the course like this: CHEM L07 111A 3.0 (grade) It is a chemistry course worth 3 credits. L07 is like the department code for the chemistry department. When I enter this course into AMCAS should I use the whole "CHEM L07 111A" for the course number or just "CHEM 111A" ...