amcas gpa

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    High cum GPA but very low science GPA

    I am a junior who is finishing up a technology degree who also has an interest in pursuing medicine. My health impacted my academics drastically to the point of having a combination of over 10 D’s and F’s in Math courses. I couldn’t move forward in my program without those math courses hence so...
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    Retaking courses

    I recently graduated and am finishing up my pre-reqs (I had a semester where I wasn’t sure if I was going to apply to med school so I got a little behind). I do need to retake chem 101 (I got a c-). I am planning on retaking it this summer at the same institution I took it at as a freshman. Will...
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    Postbacc undergrad GPA and Grad GPA AMCAS

    "just from a GPA perspective, an undergraduate level post bacc will both give you a separate line item for post-bacc GPA as well as increase your overall undergrad GPA for both AMCAS and AACOMS" I found this and was wondering if there was any truth to it? I have entered all of my classes into...