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    Renting Furnished Detroit, MICHIGAN-Comfortable Room Available in Macomb County, Michigan

    As posted on Listing # 273 540 E Canfield St, Detroit, Michigan, United States We live in a 7-bedroom house in Macomb, Michigan just minutes away from McLaren, Beaumont, Henry Ford, Crittendon, and Detroit Medical Center Hospitals. We are also posted on Airbnb and have a...
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    ok guys I promised if I matched .. I do super honest review about the Caribbean Medical Schools specifically AUA Little About Myself and why attended Caribbean: I had a 3.3 sGPA and 3.4 overall gpa. my MCAT was 20. With that MCAT score , I obviously didn't get into US or DO school. I also had...
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    Honest opinions?

    This is ONLY for current and/or past students who attended Medical School in the Caribbean. How did you enjoy it? Pros? Cons? I would like to attend a school in the Caribbean... & then do family medicine residency which is not something super competitive to find residency in...which is why I am...
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    Questions about AUA and Curriculum Next? Ask Me!

    Hi there- I am a current student (3rd semester) at AUA College of Medicine and part of their new Curriculum Next rollout. There have been some inaccurate statements made around various forums regarding AUA and its new curriculum, so I am here to give you a real perspective on the school and...