american university

  1. emegibow00

    MPH 2nd year MPH at GW offering advice

    Hi guys, I am an MPH student at George Washington University. I am working on completing my culminating experience and I need some assistance. In exchange I will answer any questions about GW MPH program I am looking for young women to complete online survey in order to learn more about birth...
  2. A

    American University Post-Bacc

    Hello everyone, So I am in the process of applying to some post-bacc programs and I was wondering if anybody has been accepted or attended?! There isn't much recent info on here about American's post bacc program. I'm also planning on applying to Meredith College's post-bacc also.
  3. jbrothersc

    Help a brother out! Peace Corps Volunteer in Mongolia entering post-bacc '16

    Hey all, Like many of you, I've received some acceptance letters to post-bacc programs for fall '16. Unlike many of you, I am currently living in Mongolia. I can't visit cities or campuses. Scheduling a phone call is difficult enough as it is. i.e. I'm asking for any and all help / info you're...