anatomical pathology

  1. D

    Residencies in veterinary anatomic pathology

    Hi all! I'm an upcoming third year vet student very interested in pursuing a residency in anatomic pathology. I am just getting my bearings in terms of how it all works and where I should begin to look and apply in the future. I would love to get an idea of where I'm looking so I can start...
  2. D

    I want to become an Anatomical Pathologist: where do I start?

    I'm currently a sophomore in high school and after searching around for health careers that interest me I began considering becoming an anatomical pathologist. I keep seeing different positions like anatomical pathologist technician, anatomical pathologist assistant, and anatomical pathologist...
  3. Yangdol

    Any vets or to-be-vets applying to anatomic pathology residency for next year?

    Hello everyone, I've been a lurker for quite some time. Want to see if anyone here is applying anatomic pathology residency for next year? I know it is super competitive to get in so I don't know where I stand as an applicant. Maybe we could exchange our information and at least speculate...
  4. S

    International Medical Graduate Anatomical Pathology

    Dear All I am a medical student in South Africa and am interested in pursuing Anatomical Pathology as a career. 1. Does a non-clinical profession (such as anat path) have a better chance of entering the USA than a clinical or surgical profession? 2. Would it be an easier process to enter and...