anatomy lab

  1. A

    CJD fears from anatomy lab

    We were viewing cadavers and wet specimens including brain tissue. A used glove (touched the cadaver and specimens) was inside out and I went to put it on. My hands have eczema and I got scared that I could contract CJD from the used glove. I washed my hands after and told my professor. She said...
  2. D

    Dealing with the smell of Anatomy Lab

    Hello! I have been accepted into medical school for this coming fall, and I'm trying to prepare myself as best I can. I am wondering about how I'll deal specifically with the smell of anatomy lab. I could only find threads talking about removing the smell from hair. The dissection itself I don't...
  3. B

    General Admissions & OTCAS What are my chances of getting into a MOT program?

    Hi guys, application time is coming around and I'm really nervous about my chances of getting accepted into a master of occupational therapy program anywhere. Some background information about myself: I'm very involved on campus: I'm on the executive board of two different organizations here at...
  4. selena

    For Sale The most popular MEDICAL and BIOLOGY BOOKS " Physiology,Genetics,Anatomy,Health,Fitness

    Today i bring you a list of most famous MEDICAL AND BIOLOGY BOOKS but this time ,in digital format (PDF) with many Features , the most important is low cost compared to the paper books (Students can save up to 80% when buying online version) and all other advantage of PDF BOOKS...
  5. Y

    To the pre-med that is scared of passing out in anatomy lab...do not fear!

    Hey all, I know this is a point of stress for a lot of pre-meds, it was definitely a point of stress for me and I want to give those of you thinking this may break your career in medicine a sigh of relief...you will be fine. I had a lot of anxiety about anatomy lab ever since an unfortunate...