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  1. D

    Anatomy and Physiology TextBook Recomendation

    AnP textbook recommendation to pregame for dental school? Haven’t taken AnP and would like to be familiar with the content when I start school next year.
  2. musclesmiyagi

    What is the best educational 3D anatomy computer program?

    Preferably for free or low cost and easily accessible from a personal computer.
  3. tooth knockn

    BIOLOGY Prerequisite - Anatomy Physiology - Think Twice

    Hello So Dental schools require Biology as a prerequisite, General Biology 1 and 2 usually fill this pre-requisite. Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2 DO NOT FULFILL BIOLOGY REQUIREMENT 1 AND 2 at all dental schools. I will add more later, like which schools do not accept AP 1 and 2 as a BIO...