1. a_zed24

    Beta-lactamase inhibitors

    Hello, there! Sorry if this is not the right place to ask this, but our Prof. was explaining the Beta-lactamase inhibitors and he mentioned the following: -Clavulanic acid -Sulbactam -Tazobactam -Avibactam -Vaboractam -Relebactam And then he said that the last three are structurally different...
  2. G

    Severe Ampicillin Allergy - thoughts?

    Hi All, I’m one of the people that keeps positing about weird medical situations on this site. If I had to explain it all, I’d say that my body is on fire. I’ve always known I’ve had an ampicillin and amoxicillin allergy, (as well as mupericin, azythromycin, and erythromycin allergies.) I’m not...
  3. a_zed24

    Disk diffusion method

    Hello there, does anyone know what are the basic steps for the disk diffusion method to test the bacterial susceptibility towards the used antibiotics? Thanks!
  4. Folkvang

    Antibiotis by species

    Hi I kind of always have a hard time managing the antibiotics of choice to every specie ( Cat, dog, goat, horse, cows) so, i'm studing and trying to separate'em in a spreadsheet for a quick review. Does anybody here have an article, a book or even a file that would recomend me for that? Thanks...
  5. Expired Pharmacist

    Best Antibiotic lecture :: Naplex 2017

    Good Morning I am studying for the Naplex, I paid for the full Rxprep course, I found that the lectures on antibiotic is not really good, I kept looking on youtube, until I found this lecture, really easy to understand and remember. Feel free to post the videos that you find useful for the...
  6. P

    Antibiotics Chart

    Deleted due to lack of interest
  7. J

    Are Antibiotics and Sterile dressings necessary in emergency kits?

    I'm packing a small kit for emergencies and because of a lack of space I don't have room for a neosporin tube. This got me thinking: In a critical emergency situation, in which reliable help and treatment is on the way, is it really necessary to use antibiotics or even sterile dressings?
  8. M

    Easy way to remember antibiotics for different diseases

    Hi, I would like to know: is there an easy way to learn the antibiotics used in different conditions? or how would you go about learning them? I am finding it very hard to rote memorize, for eg meningitis-ceftriaxone, pneumonia- amoxiclin/clarithromycin/co-amoxiclav, chlamydia-azithromycin...
  9. tongiecc

    How is your hospital addressing the Carbapenem shortage?

    Hey guys! I'm sure your hospital is already experiencing challenges getting in any mero/dori/imi penem, what are you doing to get around this? Just rec alternative ABX? We have tried to stock some odd ready to mix minibags but have not been able to obtain a large supply. I contacted the...