1. M

    How are my chances...LOW DAT SCORE HELP!!!

    Hey everyone, I took the DAT exam today and scored lower than i thought I would..... anyways I made a 17/16/21/21/18/19 (PAT/QR/RC/Bio/Gchem/Ochem) I thought I would do a lot better on the Ochem section but I ran out of time... anyways so in summary: 19 AA 19TS 17PAT, 3.44 sGPA, 3.63 oGPA, 120...
  2. FutureDoctorX-men


    Hi everyone, this is a cross-posted thread. I hope you don't mind, please remove if its not okay: This is my very first time writing a thread on any online forum so please bare with me. Just a little background, I am in my 2nd year in University and I have failed 3 of my courses. They are...
  3. B

    what are my chances at DO ? (3.2/503)

  4. 1

    Advice on Post-Bacc Decision

    I am a college graduate from a 2nd tier school. I graduated with a 2.7 GPA and a lot of extra circulars. I just wasn't ready for college at the age of 18 but managed to pull great grades my junior and senior year of college. I am now interested in pursuing medicine however I can. I did not get...