1. J

    Rutgers South DPT Questions for Current/Past Students!!!

    Hi, so classes start in a few months and I just had a few questions that's been on my mind about student life at Rutgers South lol Any response is appreciated! 1. Does the school offer any sort of housing? I'm assuming no, but just wanted to be completely sure. 2. For those living in the...
  2. L

    SCO - suggestions for apartments on Mud Island/Harbor Town?

    Hey guys! Anyone have experience with apartments on Mud Island? I'll be driving across the country with all my stuff to move here and could use some tips on which complexes are nice to look out for
  3. ?

    How much are you paying for rent?

  4. doctormagic

    Housing Near NYITCOM

    Hello. I'm going to be starting at NYITCOM in August (unless I get into any other schools I'm on the waiting list for) and I'm getting rather frustrated trying to figure out my living situation. I'm looking for an apartment near the school. Anyone have any advice or suggestions?

    Renting Detroit Medical Center DMC Hospital Housing

    We are a family owned and operated full service real estate and property management company. My sister and I are licensed Realtors who work with our father as our Broker. We own apartments that are actually directly next door to our office in Harper Woods, approximately 10 miles from the DMC...
  6. S

    RCSI GEM Accommodation

    I know this has been posted about many times, but I wanted to get updated info since I understand things have changed over the years. Here's my situation: I'm a Canadian who will be attending RCSI for the GEM (4-year) program in September. I'm going to be 22. I'm more on the quiet/studious side...
  7. S

    Any housing advice for UCLA School of Dentistry?

    I was accepted into UCLA School of Dentistry class of 2021. Los Angeles is a big place and although the tuition is very cheap, the cost of living in LA already has my bank account crying. Thus far, between filtering through and having several conversations on SDN, talking to peers in my class...
  8. O

    CCOM reasonably priced housing?

    Starting at CCOM in the fall and didn't get what I wanted with the on campus housing application. Can someone tell me what's a good area (reasonably priced) to look for a 1 bedroom apartment? Much appreciated