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    CASPer Test CASPer® - FAQs Regarding Coaching and Advanced Preparation

    From: https://apetest.com/edu/casper-faqs-regarding-coaching-and-advanced-preparation/ What is the benefit of coaching (advanced preparation) for the CASPer®, Situational Judgment Test (SJT)? The current accepted research literature suggests that coaching effects are positively large, with an...
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    CASPer Test Full Length Practice CASPer® Test - MEDICINE 1

    CASPer® Practice Test Highlights – Full length 12 section, 90-min APE Advisor Prep® practice CASPer® test – 6 Video-Based scenarios and 6 Word-Based scenarios – 36 High-Yield CASPer® style practice questions – Multiple attempts at the same practice test during a 90 day period – Full access to...
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    CASPer Test **SDN ADMISSIONS PREP WEEK RAFFLE** FREE Advisor Prep® CASPer SIM for the Mind Book

    Welcome SDNers!!! In support of SDN's 2017 Admissions Prep Week (April 3rd-7th), APE Advisor Prep is thrilled to be giving away 5 free copies of CASPer SIM for the Mind, an Amazon Best Selling Book in Medical School Guides to SDN members, a total value of over $150+. To be automatically...