CASPer Test Full Length Practice CASPer® Test - MEDICINE 1

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CASPer® Practice Test Highlights

– Full length 12 section, 90-min APE Advisor Prep® practice CASPer® test
– 6 Video-Based scenarios and 6 Word-Based scenarios
– 36 High-Yield CASPer® style practice questions
– Multiple attempts at the same practice test during a 90 day period
– Full access to your submitted typed answers for each attempt

– Optional 15 minute break
– Receive your Access Code instantly upon successful payment
– Immediate access to your practice test, delivered online 24/7

– Test content for Medical School Applicants

CASPer SIM™ is a trademark of Advisor Prep Education Services LLC. CASPer® is a registered trademark of Altus Assessments Inc. The CASPer® test is delivered by Altus Assessments at This practice test is operated by Advisor Prep Education Services, a provider of test preparation services. Advisor Prep is an independent service provider which has no role in creating or administering the CASPer® test. Altus Assessments and Advisor Prep have no relationship whatsoever, whether by way of affiliation, endorsement, or otherwise.

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