applying fall 18

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    What are my chances of getting into a DO school?

    Hey all! So I have my first interview in two weeks and I am FREAKING out. Will you guys give me your honest opinion on my chances of getting in? Stats: GPA: 3.69/3.58 science MCAT: 501 (126,123,125,127) Major/Minor: Biomedical Sciences/ Chemistry and Spanish Research: Biochemistry...
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    What's my best shot for MD schools?

    I have scheduled my MCAT for July 27th. However, I still haven't reached my desired score of 510+ would it kill me if I take the exam in August and submit my application now during July so it can be processed? cGPA: 3.27 sGPA: 3.61 Even though my GPA is low I have an upward trend in my grades...