april 2016 mcat

  1. F

    NEED ADVICE .. What to do during the last month before MCAT?

    Hi fellow pre-meds, So I have been following my self constructed study plan for my MCAT test of April 1,2016. I have been rigorously studying since August 2015. I have done a extensive content review and have taken couple of AAMC practice exam. Now I am down to the last month of my prep and was...
  2. drbeat14

    The Official April 2016 MCAT Thread

    April Fool's you're taking the MCAT! Worst prank ever?! No really, as a serial delayer, I absolutely must take this thing on this day before application submissions this upcoming cycle in 2016. So I thought I would go ahead and start the official thread. Never to early to start an official...