1. D

    UIC DPT Class of 2022

    Hi everyone! Couldn't find a page on facebook or student doctor so I wanted to start my own forum! I am super excited to get to know all my classmates! So, if you've been accepted into UIC and plan on attending in the Fall I'd love to hear from you all! I'm currently in my gap year working in...
  2. DopaMiners

    Interested in Neurology Mentorship (from an NCS)? AMA

    Hi All, I'm a young(er) clinician working with the Academy of Neuro PT to develop younger clinicians, but I also thought it'd be nice to dip into a student-based forum. I lecture at multiple programs regarding Parkinson's disease and wheelchair prescription. I formed a podcast with some...
  3. Cheezy89

    What it's like to go to an APTA conference

    Just thought people would love to see what goes on at an APTA conference. This is a summary of MA annual conference that happened on the 5th of November. Major focus was the human movement system and standardized method of practice to get everyone on the same page. I'd love to hear other...
  4. S

    University Health Insurance vs. APTA's Health Insurance

    This is a question for PT students who are not on a health plan under their parents and are looking for health insurance options as they start/go to school. I'm aware of the student insurance discussion happening on the pre pt page. However, I was wanting to ask about APTA's insurance for...
  5. J

    Need advice!! PT or ex phys

    Hello everyone, Always thought I wanted to do PT, however looking at tuition costs, it doesn't seem sensible. 100k+ is like buying a house, and with cut reimbursements as well as other factors, idk if it is worth it. I am a junior exercise science undergrad, and could pursue clinical ex phys...
  6. S

    TWU Class of 2017 Service Trip - T-Shirt Fundraiser

    Hey, everyone! Happy National PT Month! I'm posting on behalf of Texas Woman's University and the Houston Class of 2017! Next spring, we'll be headed to Cusco, Peru on our annual service trip, where we'll be working at an assisted living facility and providing much-needed help to children with...