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    PhD/PsyD Advice Requested ASAP regarding Provost's decision to dismiss

    Hello, I am submitting this for my pre-doctoral intern coworker and not for myself. We are both pre-doctoral CAPIC interns in the LA area. She has a 3.89 GPA, was never in academic or ethical trouble. She took a 1 year LOA after the economy busted to help save her parents house. Legitimately...
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    Argosy DC get its own exclusive APA accredited internship site approved

    Argosy DC just got its own APA accredited internship site. Only Argosy DC students can apply to site. Its APA match rate skyrocketed from low ~ 40% to 83% for 2014-2015 interns. http://content.edmc.edu/assets/documents/au/psyd/washingtondc-psyd-outcomes.pdf Clinical psychology internship...