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  1. D

    All Branch Topic (ABT) HPSP failure

    The reality of HPSP is seen on first contact with uniformed service members at MEPS. HPSP is not suited for young adults with good morals who simply want to pay down student loan debt. If you are troubled by harsh language, crude jokes and lack of respect for the individual, you will not like...
  2. go_dental882

    Army AEGD Selection Results

    Hello, I heard that the Army AEGD (1 year) board meets mid-November. Any ideas on when they do, and when we will find out selection results? A recruiter told us that we would find out selection results and AEGD location at the same time though I've heard from others that you find out the...
  3. twh019

    Army DCC

    Did anyone do the Army's DCC that they were "testing" out this past summer? Was wondering how it went or if they will do it again. Thanks guys.