1. D

    Army Expert Field Medical Badge for APMC Army Reservists?

    Hi SDN! I searched for information on this, but the closest I could find was a post in 2007 that didn't answer my question. I am currently a medical student and O-1 in the Army Reserve's MDSSP program. As part of the program, I am attached to APMC down in Georgia. I've read about the EFMB, and...
  2. E

    Deciding Guard or Reserves

    I've seen this question asked a few times before, but there aren't too many responses besides a post from 2006. I will be starting medical school in August, and after extensive research (and deciding against HPSP) I am deciding between joining the National Guard or the US Army Reserves for...
  3. ThisisReality

    Advice Need: Possible 12 Month Deployment

    I am an infantryman in the National Guard, and my unit this past weekend was given a warning order of a possible deployment to the Middle East in the middle of next spring semester. Nothing is set in stone or guaranteed yet. I am not against deploying, but the timing is the problem: I am a...