1. 8YearsLate

    WAMC of being misled by this article?

    According to this article, DO school is harder to get into, it's only 2 years long, and you make hundreds of thousands of dollars more than your MD counterparts! Oh, and you become an OD when you've graduated. Very interesting top 10 schools list, too: Top 10 Best Osteopathic Medical Schools...
  2. Crayola227

    NYT article on autoimmune neurology

    Opinion | He Got Schizophrenia. He Got Cancer. And Then He Got Cured.
  3. Babbitt4MVP

    Citing an article accepted for publication (but not yet published)

    I am an author in an article that was recently accepted for publication. However, the date of publication is TBD right now. One of my secondaries asks for any updated info and I thought this would be a good one to add. Does anyone know how I can cite this accepted but unpublished article?
  4. C

    Examples of Dermatoses in Art

    Hey all you dermatologists, I am aware that this is not an art history forum, and that discussion on sdn is usually very medically-grounded, but I was curious if anyone was aware of examples of cutaneous conditions and dermatoses in famous art work in the past. Since skin is our most apparent...
  5. futureapppsy2

    New article on publication productivity and the APPIC match

    Whilst searching for articles on publication productivity, I came across this new OnlineFirst article from Training and Education in Professional Psychology : Publication Productivity of Professional Psychology Internship Applicants: An In-Depth Analysis of APPIC Survey Data...