asda questions

  1. S

    Occlusion question help!

    Hi! I came across this question in the ASDA I-N packet, and was confused about the answer. Question: Which of the following anatomic structures of a maxillary first molar moves through the distofacial groove of a mandibular first molar? a. Mesial marginal ridge b. Distal marginal ridge c...
  2. T

    Nbde part 1 and part 2 materials

    Hey Friends, I am selling Nbde part 1 and part 2 materials that I have at very low cost. Soft and hard copies. Please inbox me for details. Hard copy(NBDE PART1 & 2 ) : -dental decks -first aid 3rd edition -Kaplan notes -Asda papers (all released papers) -‎Mosby(part 1) -‎Master Qs
  3. bernas

    Wanted: Nbde part 1 study materials!!!

    Hi there, I really need some study materials for nbde part 1. I'd like to buy; 1. ASDA released questions (for recent years) 2. Dental decks (not copy, I need the original) 3. First aid book. Is there someone who will sell me these resources or recommend where can I buy from? I'll appreciate...
  4. D

    wanted! NBDE part 1 & 2 study materials

    i am looking to buy the nbde study materials. any leads would be highly appreciated! tia
  5. D

    How ti buy ASDA reprints for NBDE part 1

    Hi everyone, I heard that ASDA reprints are a good source of study. I enter to ASDA website and the online store as well which I think is where you can purchase the reprints but I dont see any option to buy them. Can anyone here explain to me how to do it? I also have an account on ASDA...
  6. L

    Part 1 & 2 Exam Questions

    I have study materials for part 1 & 2. I can give you my phone number and e-mail if you'd like to discuss further. I will provide photos of everything I have. ASDA National Board Reprints: These previous exam questions helped me pass both boards. Books are in perfect condition with no writing...