1. A

    Atheltic Trainers going to PT School

    I majored in athletic training in college, and I'm currently certified and licensed. I decided to go to PT school my junior year of college because my favorite part of athletic training is rehabbing patients. I've worked in the PT world as a tech and I enjoy it. I love both athletic training...
  2. FnA Man

    Athletic Training>>>Health Profession Program

    In the AACPMAS>>>Other Information>>> It asked if I have had "Previous Attendance to Health Profession Program". I selected "yes" and explained that I have graduated from an Athletic Training Program (and now Practicing), which is a Health Professional degree, being that ATC's are allied health...
  3. A

    PA-C and ATC Combo

    I can't seem to find a great answer to this, (if you pass google page 3, it doesn't exist) but, what can you do with the PA-C and ATC combination? I currently am a practicing ATC, and due to life, I am looking at pursuing PA school locally. Now before you start with PAs can do X,Y, and Z, I'm...