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    Position Available Neuro PGY-2 Position Available

    From my program coordinator at UKY. We got approved to add another resident to my class next year. Currently our department has an opening for a PGY 2 resident physician. If you are interested in this position, please submit your documentation via email to neuroeducation at uky.edu (sorry...

    Renting Detroit Medical Center DMC Hospital Housing

    We are a family owned and operated full service real estate and property management company. My sister and I are licensed Realtors who work with our father as our Broker. We own apartments that are actually directly next door to our office in Harper Woods, approximately 10 miles from the DMC...
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    Other Contacting programs about transfer openings

    Any advice for contacting programs about available transfer positions? I know that the party line is to tell your PD that you want to leave and then blanket email every program in the country and pray. That said, I would like to hear about people's experiences since there does not seem to be...
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    Position Wanted 3 yrs FM done, seeks PGY2 IM for Crit Care later

    Hi, I am finishing 3 full years of a very strong family medicine residency on Sep 19, 2016 and am looking for a PGY2 IM position to start immediately then as I would like to do critical care and medical education in the future. Please personal message me here. I am a US Citizen and have...