1. W

    What types of awards should we list?

    I am applying to MD/DO schools this year. Trying to figure out if I should include employee of the month awards in my application? Thanks!
  2. Humerus84

    Receiving unknown award after likely admissions decision. Update?

    Hello all, I recently got notified by the head of my department that I will be receiving a departmental award at my undergraduate institution and will be recognized at a spring awards ceremony. From what I understand, these are named awards and given out only to ~10 students out of the 1,000 or...
  3. N

    For the awards section ?

    Hi what were some awards/honors you guys put for your application ? I’m applying in June and the only things EYE can think of is deans list, a volunteering award EYE got, and a scholarship from my university ? the stupid iPhone update is making me put EYE
  4. O

    Achievements and Awards? Application Q!

    Hi I apply next year and I always hear about the achievements and award section of the application process? The only awards ive really gotten is deans list.. What other awards/Achievements can you put on your application? I volunteer often as well but no awards?
  5. R

    Should I go for the honors diploma? Please help!

    Hello! How much is an honors diploma of benefit when it comes to applying? I came into University with a good amount of credit and if I want to pursue the honors diploma it would require me to retake the honors versions of classes I already have credit for + a few more classes. Would it be...
  6. amaranthyn

    PharmCAS Honors section

    For this section, the instructions say "Enter any special academic, service, or activity awards you have received in order of importance to you. List each honor or award only once. For instance, if you were on the “dean’s list” for more than one term, list that distinction only once. You may...
  7. P

    Are research fellowships considered academic awards?

    Source of confusion: Some research fellowships are based on how good of a research project you propose in writing. They also factor in demonstrated academic achievement. However, it's not obvious which fellowships required or looked at your scholarly pitch or academic achievement. Thanks!