1. G

    Do the programs mixed with DO students prepare you for boards?

    I am trying to get an idea of which schools I'd prefer going to. From what I've read, AZPOD and Des Moines take the classes alongside DO students. Aren't the board exams different? Would the material you learn in the DO classes be less relevant to podiatry board exams? Or do the DO classes teach...
  2. Packers4lifeDPM

    AZpod Immersion Program!!! (Summer 2018)

    Attached is a flyer for the AZpod immersion program on July 19-20th this summer. If you have any questions about it, you can post on this page or PM me. There is also contact information on the flyer that is attached. Hope some of you can make it and experience how great Midwestern's Podiatry...
  3. FnA Man

    AZPod does not have its own college, Why?

    When I was at a pod interview with a school in the Midwest, they seemed it was necessary to let me know that one of the other two schools associated with a DO school (Western U and AZPod) does not have their own college but is under the College of Health Sciences. As well they stated that they...
  4. ohhiwassup

    Scholl VS AZPOD

    Surprise to see this hasn't been done before. Currently trying to decide between these two and having a very difficult time. Any input will be appreciated! AZ vs. Scholl 100% board pass and residency match rates vs. ~95% small class size (30) vs. larger (90-100 students) mostly mormon ( I am...