1. R

    Jobs for pre-meds dealing with new borns or labor and delivery in general?

    Hello Everyone, I'm an undergraduate student interested in medicine. Recently, I've been very interested in the field of OBGYN. I LOVE being around mothers and babies in a clinical setting - so I was trying to find a job in a NICU or related area, but haven't had too much luck as they all seem...
  2. aspiringMD585

    How come OBGYN isn't receiving any love?

    Hello, I don't understand why everyone looks down on being and OBGYN, where is all of this animosity coming from? For example, I've been interested in becoming an OBGYN ever since I was a child and throughout the years whenever I would tell people that I want to be an OB, the remarks are just...
  3. N

    Overly Informative Situation: Question about Pregnancy in Medical School and Residency

    Disclaimer: I know I'm young, but I know what I want Okay, so...this is decision day, and I'm choosing between an 8-year BS/MD program (whose undergrad is at a little-known liberal arts college), and a prestigious undergrad (which is the only way I can consider another career), and I'm having...
  4. P

    Being Pregnant during 3rd year and due at the beginning of 4th?

    I am currently a P2. I did really well in my first 3 semesters of school and I made mostly As and a few Bs. My husband and I have been together since high school and got hitched at the ripe old age of 18. We have been together a little over 5 years and have been married 3 of those years. We...
  5. CareerNumTwo

    Looking for opinions from Mom/Dad Dentists & Dental students... (timing of babies & d-school)

    Fellow Parents, I'm in need of some advice/opinions on my situation. This is a major decision for my family but, unfortunately, my current line of work leaves me with childless co-workers and I don't have any friends familiar with dentistry to figure this out with... As for me husband, he...