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    Grade forgiveness effects?

    Hi I didn't take highschool chem and wound up with a D in Chem 1. I'm doing grade forgiveness, which will save my gpa from being affected. However, Im pretty sure the D will stay on my transcripts. How do vet schools factor this in? Do they calculate what my gpa would be with the D in there?
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    Will having a bad grade in Pre-Cal affect my chances in Calculus 1 freshman year of college?

    Hi. I'm a junior in HS taking pre-AP algebra 2 and I'm during horribly at it. It is 2nd semester and I don't understand concepts such as Algorithms and Logarithms and I'm making a 75 right now. My question is, if I do terrible in HS Pre-AP Precal, getting C's, how that affect me in Calculus 1...
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    Bad Senior High School Grade

    Im still in grade 11 and i realized i really do want to be a doctor. I wanted to be a doctor since before but i had a C- or a good passing grade in my science during 9th grade and 10th grade. However, in the start of my 11th grade, i realized i really do want to be a doctor but i only had C+ in...