1. S

    UMKC BA/MD Major-Related Question

    Hello, I recently got accepted into the BA/MD program at UMKC several weeks ago, and I was wondering if I should select the BLA (liberal arts) or Bio major. I have heard from past students that the majority of them select BLA, even if they meet all the pre-reqs to do a Bio major, although I...
  2. L

    BA in Health Policy and Administration, with focus on Public Health

    Hi everyone, I'm gearing up to start undergrad. I applied as a bio major because know I love bio and I couldn't think of much else to major in any way. As time went on, however, I realized I have a real passionate interest in public health. At the end of the day, isn't the betterment of public...
  3. A

    Low HS GPA, want to get into BA/MD programs

    ***UPDATED 8/30/2017***** Hi... I just made an account here cause i couldn't find an answer to my question in any other threads.. Im a junior in high school right now with a 3.7875 gpa out of 5.0 and I reaallly want to get into a BA/MD program. How are my chances looking? I want to apply to...
  4. Wanton_Chimichanga

    Which pre-req classes to take for new MCAT?

    My situation is a bit strange. In Fall 2016, I will be in a BA/MD program with provisional acceptance to its medical school as long as I keep 3.7 + GPA and an MCAT score higher than the average scores of the school's acceptances (i don't know what that average would be . . .). I don't want to...