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  2. O-Block Uchiha

    Help with C/P and B/B MCAT

    My Exam is in about a month and I'm averaging 503 on the practice Kaplan exams. This is only because I'm getting about 75% correct on CARS and P/S, but my C/P and B/B are always hovering around 50%. I went through a thorough content review and now I'm just doing practice problems, but no matter...
  3. I'm ugly and I'm proud

    B/B section bank #46, tissue type clarification

    So this question was basically asking for me to identify the tissue types for ovarian cells and osteoclasts. I knew osteoclasts are bone cells so they're connective tissue, but I didn't know that ovarian cells were epithelial tissue. All I remember about epithelial tissue is that they consist of...
  4. I'm ugly and I'm proud

    Altius FL 9 B/B Questions

    Could someone explain why the empirical formula for uracil is C2H2N2O2? I picked C because C2H2NO wasn't an answer choice. What was the point of multiplying 0.026 by 8? The question asked for the moles of citric acid (0.026), but I don't get why they multiplied the answer by the moles of...
  5. H

    #17 Biochem Section Bank

    Hello! This question confused me and my friends. So I know that palindromic sequences are the sequences that are the same on both strands when read from the 5' -> 3' direction. But what I'm confused on is whether or not there is a way to answer questions like these without having to memorize...