1. medshousing

    Renting Houston Furnished Glam Suite 3bd/2ba MEDCTR/NRG

    www.Medshousing.com Listing # 2087 Welcome to the Glam Suite we provide a 3bd/2ba unit the master bedroom can be locked and has separate entry including a kitchenette. 2-Queen beds 1-twin 1-desk Fully stocked kitchen Dining table with table and extension if necessary. 2bathrooms, 1 shared...
  2. SoCalThinkBLUE

    Baylor MSTP vs Cornell MSTP (Tri-I) vs UCSF (MD-only) Neuroscience

    Hi all, I am fortunate to be in the position to choose between these great programs. I would like some advice in picking between these programs/institutions. I am originally from SoCal, so staying in state is preferable, but not a deal breaker and I am willing to go anywhere in the US for my...
  3. N

    Texas Non-Trad/Career Change (MD)

    Hi All, I am looking for some guidance in deciding on a path towards medical school (pref. MD). A brief background: Dallas, TX resident Currently working in the IT industry B.S. Management Information Systems - Penn State University (2015) cGPA: 3.0 sGPA: 1.0 (Took a semester away from Penn...
  4. H

    Baylor vs. WashU

    I'm in the fortunate position of having to choose between attending BCM or WUSTL. BCM pros: -I received a scholarship at Baylor, which is already a super cheap school -Closer to home -It's in the Texas Medical Center -Texas weather is more my style -I'll potentially have classmates I knew in...
  5. C

    USC Keck vs. Baylor

    Hi all, With the April 30 deadline coming up so soon I have such a difficult decision to make...I'm choosing between USC Keck and Baylor. I know I'm so lucky to even have a choice but I feel really stuck. I made a pros and cons list: USC: Pros: -went to undergrad in California and really love...