bench test

  1. D

    Bench Exam Prep Tips

    Hi, Can anyone who is preparing for the bench exam or has already gone through it share what you are using as reference to make preps? like any videos, books, etc. Also, please shed some light on any prep courses you may have attended and how useful you found them to be. Thanks!!
  2. V

    Advanced Standing Dental Program (International) - Interview / Bench Tests - 2019-2021

    Hi All, I have submitted for few universities / colleges Advanced Standing Dental Program(s) or International Dental Program(s) during May 2018 and June 2018. I would like to know what are the tentative dates for Interview or Bench Tests. Appreciate any information around next steps like...
  3. Moogla

    Foreign trained dentist with no experience.

    Hello, I finished dental school in 2015 and moved to the US in the same year. I have never had my own patients, never worked as a dentist. And I know a lot of Advanced standing programs are asking for a bench test which I have no idea how to do! I know there are programs that prepare you for...