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big blue

  1. A

    "Big Blu" and "Ranger Blue" Audio and Books, the most recent edition

    If anyone interested, I have the recent "Big Blue" complete audio, and "Ranger Blue" complete audio and book, to sell. If you are interested send me a message.
  2. C

    Big Blue, Big Red, Ranger Red for sale

    Selling: - Ranger Red 10th edition with audio MP3 player. Untouched - I ran out of time and decided to use UBP instead -Big Blue 26th edition, all 3 volumes. Used but no markings on pages -Big Red 26th edition. Used but no markings on pages All listed for $595 on Dr. Jensen’s website. Will...
  3. J

    Big Blue Anesthesiology 2013

    I bought these in 2013, 21st edition. In great shape, no missing pages. Definitely high yield information, I should probably keep them, but trying to clear out my office. $150 shipped.
  4. OldGregg

    Big Blue and Audio Blue CDs

    For sale: 1. Big Blue 2015 edition (3 binders) - lightly used, some underlining and few notes in margins. Retails $560, Selling for $200 2. Audio Blue CDs (25 CDs) - Good condition, listened through twice. Retails $650, selling for $200 Would discount both bought together for $350...
  5. V

    For Sale Big Blue and Ranger Red for sale

    Hi, I have for sale- Niels Jensen Big Blue (14th edition) volume 1 and 2. Is in great condition except for some underlining. I used them to pass written exam. Material is essentially unchanged from early editions to later ones. (Retail $575 for Big Blue) I am selling for $250 OBO Niels Jensen...