1. K

    WAMC-American student getting master's abroad, potential MD/PhD path, applying this cycle

    Year: I am currently in a non-science, bilingual (Spanish and English) two-year master’s program in Barcelona, graduating this July and likely defending March 2021 (instead of Sept 2020 so that I can use my student visa to stay in Europe for a WHO internship fall of 2020, if that still happens...
  2. S

    Vet Med Spanish clubs out there?

    Hey everyone, I am a second year and I am hoping to get some advice for a Vet Med Spanish club I started at my school. I've had 2 meetings so far. 1st one was a disaster, lots of people showed up but the lesson plan kind of fell through. 2nd one was better, had a power point, made a list of...
  3. Sal Sero

    Speaking Spanish: How can it help your career?

    Incoming bilingual M1 here wondering about the actual applicability of Spanish to one's career as a physician. Aside from making life a bit easier when going through med school/residency (especially if you are training in certain parts of the country with large Hispanic populations), is there...
  4. W

    Med Schools that favor being bilingual?

    I'm fluent in English and Spanish because of my Latino roots. I want to know which schools somewhat favor this besides Puertorican med schools.
  5. CommunityCareAllianceRI

    Psychiatrist Wanted in Rhode Island (actual psychotherapy!)

    Would you like to be doing psychotherapy instead of just medication maintenance? Community Care Alliance, a state-of-the-art Health Home community mental health center in Rhode Island seeks a Board Eligible/Board Certified Psychiatrist to help incorporate psychiatric services within our Adult...