bio electives

  1. T

    Which order to take classes??

    Hi, So I am taking the DAT next summer and am trying to get these upper level bio courses out of the way. I am taking orgo I/II and A&P I/II for fall and winter semesters already. What order should I take these in? Fall semester: Orgo I A&P I Either genetics, microbio, cell and molec...
  2. M

    Super confused?

    I graduate with my first bachelors may 2017, i have just 2 classes left at this point. I majored in Public Health and my cum GPA would be 2.5 when i grad as a result of personal difficulties i went through in the earlier part of my college life. I am much more stable now but want to venture on...
  3. CareerNumTwo

    Has anyone been admitted to a Texas dental school without upper bio electives?

    I've heard that all three schools place a lot of weight on those upper bio courses (I spoke with an admissions rep from one of these schools and he confirmed it). Unfortunately, my schedule does not allow for this in time for applying next year. Next year I'll either take Orgo I & II with A&P...