bio-medical science

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  1. W

    Midwestern BMS graduate and current D1 - Ask me anything!

    I completed the Biomed program at Midwestern in Arizona, and I am currently a D1 at MWU. I am more than happy to answer any Qs. Just for starters, I want to clear up some myths: 1) If I do one of the masters programs here, I am guaranteed an acceptance. They only offer guaranteed interviews...
  2. P

    Bio, chem or something else?

    Hi, I'm an adult student. I have a certification in botanical medicine from a trade school, so I'm an herbalist. I'm frustrated by lack of regulation, and available continuing education in the field. I'm specifically interested in phytopharmocology research, and am considering going the...
  3. Adele.D

    Is anyone here accepted to Trent Uni. for this September?

    Hi. I got accepted for next year at Trent University in Ontario. Just wondering if anyone else on here is also going there. I'd be cool to meet some people before first semester. :)