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  1. topwoodsfan27

    Considering an MS in bioethics - before or after the MD?

    I am currently 24 and have just returned to school for my second to last semester of my organismal biology BS that I have been working on since the Fall of 2015, with two separate extended medical absences thrown in. I do have a 4.0 and know that I'm very fortunate to not have to worry so much...
  2. B

    Bioethics research on residency apps?

    Background: I’m an undergrad accepted to a “reserved seat” program at a Midwestern medical school. I’ll matriculate in August 2019. During my time in undergrad, I’ve had some very negative experiences with science research that make me very hesitant about getting involved with it again during...
  3. M

    Masters Programs

    Prior to applying to medical schools, I am pursuing a Masters program. I've gotten into Masters programs at Harvard, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and Stanford. I am currently at Stanford so I am really familiar with the community- but does anyone have any insight or opinions on...
  4. S

    Take a year off for Bioethics MS worth it for my case?

    Hey so I am an MS2 and my school offers a bioethics MS to be done for 1 year between 2nd and 3rd years. Now my question is if it is really worth it? I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of this, but not really sure about what some cons of getting this degree are. But here are some factors as to...
  5. 1griffin

    How to find a medical school with a robust ethics curriculum?

    I'm looking for a medical school that is particularly strong in medical ethics. However, I can't figure out how to tell which schools are strong in that particular field, especially because so many schools list their ethics courses by other names, such as "Medical Professionalism". How can I...
  6. ms.m.dineva

    Bioethics Moral Argument on PA practice and autonomy

    Hi all, I am struggling writing my moral argument about PA practice and patient autonomy and beneficence. If anyone has experience in bioethics or writing, and can help out let me know! I would really appreciate it as I have no time to waste. My specific interest is fertilization procedures and...
  7. S

    Psychology w/ Minor for Pre-Med?

    Hi everyone! This thread might sound a bit redundant or even a bit mislead, but I am trying to work out my pre-reqs so I can officially declare myself pre-med, but my school is coming down hard on me to declare my major. So here's my situation. I love psychology. I'm fascinated by the way the...