1. examsandyams

    Question about Blacklisting

    So I didn't know if this qualified at a re-applicant question, but I thought it'd make most sense to post here. If a person were to submit 20 DO primaries, then choose to submit 15 secondaries, and then not get into any school, would he or she be blacklisted at the other 5 schools that the...
  2. M

    Turn down NYU to reapply or is that a bad idea?

    So a follow up to the 400k debt bandwagon thread, what would be the feasibility of me re-applying after strengthening my application. I thought my scores were okay: 21 AA 21 TS gpa: 3.56 sgpa: 3.61. I only got accepted into NYU last cycle. But as I complained about before, that debt load is...