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  1. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Is it wrong to call the patient's Physician On Call to avoid an ER visit?

    Well, it's certainly not in our EMS protocols, but for something simple like my call tonight, here is my reasoning: -Patient called for high home blood pressure reading ("190/110 and rising"), feels fine, no other complaints -Patient is an old lady and it is flu season -Patient is fluid...
  2. C

    REQUEST: List of Risk Reduced of Poor Outcome of Chronic Conditions (Treated vs Untreated)

    May you share a list of chronic diseases and an estimated reduced risk of a poor outcome (heart attack, stroke, peripheral neuropathy, blindness, kidney failure, liver failure, death, etc.) from untreated to treated condition. I think an estimated number will give some patients an objective...
  3. S

    Measuring BP wrong?

    I decided to get a cheap 15 dollar Chinese blood pressure cuff and stethoscope to get some more practice since I'm so-so at it. I've tried measuring my own BP several times and I keep getting a strange reading around 120/100! Is this even possible? Isolated eleveated diastolic blood pressure...
  4. Akam ahz

    Physiology: TPR and the diastolic pressure

    Hello, I came across this line in my text book: "Total peripheral resistance (TPR) increases diastolic pressure more than systolic pressure." I don't understand how the peripheral resistance would increase the diastolic pressure more than the systolic pressure? Could some one explain that...
  5. G

    White Coat Syndrome

    Hi everyone. I am a 1st year pharmacy student and this week my class will be learning how to take blood pressure readings. The problem is that whenever someone at the doctors takes my blood pressure I get nervous/anxious and I end up with a high reading. In class and for the next three weeks...
  6. StrongBeliever

    Why does adrenaline have a small effect on ABP??

    In my book, it says, Adrenaline has less effect [I think they're comparing it to noradrenaline] on ABP due to vasoconstriction and vasodilatation of skeletal muscle arterioles and so TPR is slightly affected. It affects SBP while DBP is slightly decreased. Pulse pressure is augmented but MAP...
  7. P

    FREE goggles,tuning forks with purchase of WelchAllyn Stethoscope, Blood Pressure Monitors

    WILLING TO NEGOTIATE AND BUNDLE WITH FREE GIVEAWAYS SUCH AS GOGGLES, TUNING FORKS, REFLEX HAMMER,thermometer LITTMAN Master Cardiology Stethoscope ($150) WelchAllyn Stethoscope Elite $130 (NEW) TwoWelchAllyn PanOptic Ophthalmoscopes $650 each Tuning Fork (two 128's)(two 512's) $4 each...
  8. W

    Contractility, MAP, and Kinetic energy of blood

    Hi everyone, It would seem to me that blood pressure would be due to the amount of blood in a vessel as well as the force that blood was ejected from the left ventricle with since blood ejected with a greater force could exert a greater force on the wall of an artery. However, the equation for...
  9. B

    Fluid Dynamics and Blood Pressure Question

    When you suddenly stand up after lying down for a while, your body may not compensate quickly enough for the pressure changes and you might feel dizzy for a moment.. If the gauge pressure of the blood at your heart is 13.3 kPa and your body doesn’t compensate, (a) what would the pressure be...