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    Dentin for pt 2 enough for NDBE II, day 2?

    Topic. I'm pretty sure the book covers the first day on perio, pedo, ortho and such, but what about day 2? I'm pretty sure day 2 is case-based, but can I get through it with Dentin for part II alone? What am I supposed to do on day 2? One pic, one question, 5 choices? Or one case, and you plan...
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    My ADAT Experience

    So I just took the ADAT and here is my personal breakdown: How I studied: I spent 2 months total studying for this exam. I spent the first month learning/reviewing the material using board busters for the biomedical sciences and mosby’s nbde part II for the clinical sciences. The second month...
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    NBDE part2 Board Busters 2nd edition

    Condition: Few chapters with highlights and markings. All pages intact. Shelf wear. Edition: 2nd Price: $135.00 (Media mail shipping included) Contact: You can either PM me or email me at [email protected].