1. Puddin09'

    HPSP $20k sign on Bonus?

    Greetings, I am applying for Army and Navy HPSP and wondering whether accepting the 20k bonus for Army will bind me to the Army program even if I get accepted to the Navy after. Should I reject the 20k army bonus in hopes that I get into Navy HPSP? Or can I sign for the Army bonus and go Navy...
  2. acal1100

    2016 Pharmacist Job Offers [ Financial Details ]

    Been holding out, but finally got an offer (so excited)!!! Realized I lack perspective, thus was hoping for insights. Whats the average yearly full time pharmacist salary now a days? I was offered ~$120k/yr Whats the average sign on bonus / inconvenience of having to move bonus? I was...
  3. ChefBoyboyarDEEZ

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Current HPSP Bonus/Stipend After Tax

    For anyone wondering how much money you currently (9/16) take home after taxes from the HPSP signing bonus and monthly stipend: Of the $20,000 bonus I took home: $13,750 (about 68%) Of the monthly stipend: $936 x2 per month = $1,872 per month
  4. chompsss

    Pay during ADSO if you've done a residency

    I'm looking for a few clarifying details, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. My questions are specific to the Navy, though I suspect that the answers are the same for all branches. Example A: Student on HSCP or HPSP graduates from dental school and goes right into 2-year Endo program (or...
  5. schmoob

    DOMRB in theater

    I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on this. If a specialist is DOMRB eligible and decides to sign on for 4 more years while they are located in a designated tax free zone such as CENTCOM, do they receive only the first $50,000 installment tax free? Or are all subsequent anniversary...