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    Renting Boston- Jamaica Plains sublet New Listing!

    Boston www.MedsHousing.com listing #44744 as listed on www.MedsHousing.com Beautiful Jamaica Plain Apartment! *Flexible lease terms beginning 2/1/2020* -2 Bedrooms -1 Bath -beautiful hardwood floors throughout bedrooms and living room -3rd floor unit of a 3-flat – lots of natural light...
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    Boston University vs Boston College

    Hi, I got accepted into both Boston College and Boston University and I was wondering which is better for premed track. Some say that BC is better since it is a higher "ranking" school and it doesn't have as intense grade deflation as BU does; however, some say that BU is better since BU's STEM...
  3. D

    Boston College vs Northeastern vs UMASS Boston

    Hello all, I have been accepted and am strongly considering Boston College and Northeastern University. At this point Northeastern is ludicrously expensive compared to BC and I would have to talk to financial aid to have them even begin to accommodate me. UMASS Boston Honors College offers a...