business ba

  1. RJmx393

    Is there even a slight chance?

    Ok, so I may be one of the the most unlikely candidates to try to get into medical school. I am a 26 y/o man who is married, has one child and a steady government job. I am 1 year away from graduating with a bachelors in Business Administration from a prestigious business school, a degree I...
  2. C

    What major?

    So right now I am completing my under grad at a CC. Then I will transfer to a 4 year. But I'm not sure what to major in. I have narrowed it down to : Biology Biochem Biochem/micro Microbiology OR business A lot of people say to major in biochem or something science related. So I was leaning...
  3. CavHooah

    Dental Hygenist->Business School->Dentist?

    First off, thanks for anybody that responds, and this is my first post so... Hello! Alright guys, I'm really hoping that somebody can come in here and give me some solid advice. So a little background on myself, I am a 20 year old male. I am a current National Guardsman and I am finishing my...
  4. D

    How can i get my science GPA with a business BA already

    Hi, I got business BA abroad ten years ago. I am thinking to change my career in the U.S. and go to dental school 2-4 years later. But I have never taken science courses before. I know if I apply a dental school, I need BA degree plus science course GPA plus DAT score.So I want to go to college...