1. H

    Starter Practice for Sale in NYC!

    Great for students soon to be graduating from a residency program soon! See Ad below! Are you entrepreneurial and enjoy making a profit while practicing dentistry? Why work for someone else rather than owning your own practice? Don’t sweat trying to build up a new office when you can purchase...
  2. S

    Buying MCAT full lengths

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase MCAT Full Lengths. I'm interested in NextStep and ExamCrackers. PM me if anyone has any for sale! Thank you!
  3. P

    Mortgage/rent payment in Residency, especially intern year

    I'll make this quick. I just matched at a program in Pittsburgh and will make 52k/year. My calculations tell me I will bring up (after taxes) $1350 bi-weekly. I will have a wife that will be UNABLE to work and we are assuming it will be for the entire first year +. I have looked at a number...
  4. P

    Buying a House in Residency

    Could someone who bought a house at the start of residency please weigh in concerning your experience? I am pretty well versed with the physician loan thing, but for those who bought, what price of house would you say would work on the average low 50K salary? Has anyone found a good resource on...
  5. Thoroughbred_Med

    For Sale TBR Complete Home Study (2012)

    Hey guys, Trying to sell a complete set of my used TBR books. I am looking to get $100 plus shipping for the whole set but am willing to sell each individually as well. Also, I realize these aren't the updated ones for the new exam. But practice problems are practice problems right! There is...
  6. TKHearOnline

    For Sale PCAT (98 Comp) Selling Kaplan and Dr. Collins

    Just took the PCAT and did fairly decent so I'd like to sell my study material to those of you still prepping for it! 2016 Dr. Collins 2014-2015 Kaplan big book McGraw-Hills PCAT pdf file (this I can just email you for free) All in great condition because I barely used them haha! I prefer...
  7. soon2beDr.D

    Need Dr. Collins 2016-2017 Study Material

    Hello All! Im looking to buy Dr. Collins 2016-2017 study material ASAP please contact me on here if you have it and want to sell it. Thanks in advance :)
  8. F

    New MCAT: I am looking to buy used Kaplan prep materials & books! Anyone have?

    I am looking to buy used Kaplan MCAT (The new MCAT) prep materials and books, anyone have and want to sell? Reply to this thread or email me. Thank you!
  9. VisionaryPracticeGroup

    Optometry Practice for Sale - Connecticut

    HARTFORD, CT REGION OPTOMETRY PRACTICE FOR SALE Immaculate established practice growing for the past 30 years generating over $270,000 in owner cash flow. The retiring OD owner, loyal staff and patients will make for a smooth and seamless transition. With over 2,700 square feet of office space...