c- grade

  1. hlcav28

    Traditional App.: C- in Transcript

    Hi all! I'm hoping to apply to vet school this summer. As I was looking back on my transcript I noticed I received a C- last fall in Orgo 2 I don't know why it didn't register it was this low until now, all this time I remembered it being a C+/B-. In past semesters (prior to the C-) I've...
  2. Fuzzumz5000

    Retaking a prereq I got a C- in at a community college

  3. K

    unfortunate pre-reqs: C- class repeat?

    So. I have been working on figuring out this issue asking every person I know and asking all of my pre-prof advisors from college and I just don't know the best answer. I went to a college that not many people have ever heard of, but is (to much surprise) actually quite a challenging school...