calc 1 premed

  1. S

    I did poorly on my first calc 1 exam any tips ?

    Hello everyone since 2015 I had leukemia the placement test i took back then for math i did very poorly. In 2021 I came back to CC I took the placement test again I score very high into it I was placed into the higher math I took survey mathematics then I did a major swap to start pre med I...
  2. T

    Help with schedule

    Hello, I don't know if this is in the right place.. I have only posted one other time and didn't get yelled at, so hopefully this is okay too haha. I'm going into my second year of school, I am 27 years old, so my first 2 semesters consisted of your basic classes at a CC (humanities, English 1...
  3. T

    Calculus at institution other than my own over the summer

    Hi there - apologies for the detail in this post. I just started my semester (sophomore year) and I am realizing I am in over my head in calc 1. I have never taken a calculus class before and have had a year in between when I last took pre calc. Math has just never clicked for me. It is not a...
  4. wut?

    Life Sciences Calculus or Regular Calculus

    I plan on taking Calculus next year but don't know which to take. My school offers Life Sciences Calculus or Calculus 1 (but you cant use a calculator for Calc 1). Would Calc 1 be easier since we can't use a calculator or is Life Sciences Calc the better choice? What makes the two courses...
  5. F

    calc for certain med schools?

    I've taken college algebra (i placed horribly on the placement test), pre-calc, and am taking statistical methods. I received an A in each since math in classes is easy for me so I wouldn't mind taking calc but do I need it? I can only take it in summer to fit it in my schedule and it's costing...
  6. T

    I need guidance on how to continue Pre-Med ?! Please help. I am in doubts.

    I am currently a 2nd semester sophmore bio major with a 3.0 gpa. w doubts on whether if i should go on to Med School . My Last resort would be carribean or a foreign med school or even PA school. - Freshman Year took pre calc, macroeconomics, intro to psychology, english, I have received...
  7. nfarstad18

    Not doing well in calc the first time

    Hey everyone, This fall semester I took calc 1 on top of o chem 1 and analytical chemistry (with lab). Needless to say, I am not as good at math as I am in science - I did not do well in calc, I ended up getting a D. I am a transfer student who will be going to the U of M, and there are some...