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    Canadian student applying to the U.S.

    Hi there, I am currently entering my fourth year at a Canadian University and am taking my MCAT later this summer. Just would really love some insight about where Canadian students have applied to med school outside of Canada (in the states, and elsewhere). Please let me know about any insights...
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    USMLE Canadian Med Student Considering Step 1 - Couple questions

    Hi There, I am a Canadian Medical Student (just finished 2nd year) and am thinking about writing the USMLE Step1. I have heard (through the grapevine) that it is beneficial to have if you wish to do a fellowship in the US following residency. Q1) Can anyone verify if this is true? Q2) Is it...
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    Canadians and Optometry school in states

    Okay so I was inquiring about some prerequisite courses needed for Oklahoma College of Optometry and they emailed back letting me know that they do not accept applicants from outside of the US at this time. I was totally unaware that some schools didn't accept Canadian applicants. Does anyone...