cardiology board review

  1. L

    Let's Talk Salaries

    Sorry if this is the wrong section to discuss this topic in- I didn't see anything else that seemed more 'off topic' than any other ones. I know, it's quite taboo to discuss salaries in the medical profession. I 100% agree that people going into the medical field should do it out of passion...
  2. N

    Residency, fellowship, master degree

    Hello everyone i need to understand what is the different between cardiology residency, cardiology fellowship, and cardiology master degree?
  3. ApolloCME

    Cardiology CME & Board Review 2016-2017

    Cardiology CME Online Bundle Publisher: CMEInfo Credit Type: AMA PRA Category 1 Format: Multiple formats Summary: This course will: Provide preparation for the Cardiology Board exam, through key trials, guidelines and exam skills. Help you to interpret medical literature related to the...
  4. ApolloCME

    Cardiology Board Review Courses

    Update for 2017-2018 Cardiology Board Review Cardiology Board Review Questions and Practice Tests Format: Interactive Online Question Bank Summary: Over one thousand Cardiology Board Review Questions targeted to the Cardiovascular Disease Board Exam Level and Cardiology MOC. The Best...