1. whosnisarg

    Rutgers 3 Year Primary Care Track Question

    Hey guys! I was looking into Rutgers NJMS 3 Year Primary Care track. Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Question: In the FAQ, they discourage anyone in the accelerated program from sub-specializing. However, if we would be board certified in Internal Med by the end, what prevents going onto an...
  2. Dr_Fox

    What are the best anatomy flashcards to buy?

    Hello everyone! I was wondering, what are the best anatomy flashcards to study with in medical school? I will be starting this August and our first module will be Anatomy. I've heard of Netter or Barron, but I honestly have absolutely no experience with either of them. Also, are there any...
  3. K

    IMG aiming for IM and Cards later

    Greetings. I'm a south american medical student to be graduated from a medical school in 2 years. I'm thinking on going to the US to do IM, then cards, and then staying there to live. I have yet to do the steps, or to have USCE so I haven't a clue of what my real chances are, but I would like...