1. E

    CV Certification and NRMP Number

    Hello, I finished MyEras application but I'm missing my NRMP number since this can be obtained on September 15th. Should I Certify my application without this or should I wait until the 15th and then certify it? Also, how long does it take for the certification to occur? Thank you,
  2. ScienceIsArt

    Becoming CPR certified online?

    Hello, I'm getting CPR online. Just want to make sure that any place that certifies CPR is fine to become certified via.
  3. S

    Pharmacy Technician application help!

    Hi all, I was trying to get the pharm tech certification and was mailed this letter: Does this mean I have to attach a new Self-Query Report from the NPDB and a new certified copy of PTCB certificate even though I had already sent in both before with the application? Also should I try...