cheating allegations

  1. Broken Dreams

    Breaking the Student Code

  2. S

    3.1 GPA 507 MCAT DUI Scribe... What are my chances?

    Hi! First time posting here, in need of some serious real talk advice. I really want to become a doctor. Always have, always will. But I think I might have ****ed up too much, and I'm here to ask whether I should take a chance and push on or give up. 23 y/o female, Indian, who recently...
  3. J

    Terribly stupid mistake- cheated on exam without thinking

  4. K

    testing center discrepancy

    I was about to start my psych/soc section and was informed by the grad student proctors that they had filed a discrepancy because I started writing on my scratch paper prior to clicking off the break screen. They did not tell me that was not allowed and even had to call someone to find out...
  5. A

    Advice needed: acquitted of cheating allegations but professor blacklisted me

    Hello, I have a friend who's been very stressed out recently. I tried to give advice...but I'd like to seek your advice too. It really is an unfortunate situation. To maintain anonymity, we'll just refer to my friend as a female. This is her story: She was accused of cheating by a professor...