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  1. S

    NS FL 6 C/P Question 18 Question Help, Please!

    Wondering if someone wouldn't mind explaining question 18 on Next Step FL6. I got it right but I don't understand why glucose needs to be oxidized. Please and thanks! (Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place! Any help moving it somewhere where people would see it would be appreciated!)
  2. R

    What are my Chances / Chemistry Requirement help

    My Stats are as follows: I am Small Town (less than 10,000) Tennessee resident, and I attend a public in-state University -Microbiology Major -3.61 Overall GPA, 3.9 non-science, 3.50 Science -200 shadowing hours in surgery, internal medicine, anesthesiology, and family medicine through ETSU's...
  3. thebossbaby

    Chem Study Tips?

    So I just withdrew from my first genchem college chemistry class. Does anyone have any tips on how to excel in a chem lecture with like 300 people? I have ADHD and dyslexia, and I think that they've really kicked my rear this semester and that's part of the reason I've been struggling, but I...